Decided to get back into running. Decided to run tonight. Shoot for 3 miles, 4 if I’m feeling good.

At mile .5 I saw some friends driving and basically blamed them for giving me motivation.
At mile 1.2 it started pouring rain. Might as well keep going, I won’t make it home dry. 
At mile 1.5 my phone couldn’t pick up signal so I shoved it in my shorts. Super comfortable. I finally figured out a use for the weird mesh butt support.
At mile 3.7, with my b-plan mileage tracker, my phone died. It was just me, a thunderstorm, and the pavement. And about a thousand frogs.
At mile 5ish, I met a very nice redneck who offered me a poncho. Funny guy. 
At mile 6ish I made a turtle friend. Or I forced my friendship on him, whatever.
At mile 6.5ish the frogs turned on me, and one ker-slapped my leg. 
At mile 7.4ish, I made it home. Completely blown away and what I had just accomplished.

I didn’t miss running. Running missed the f*ck out of me.